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About Us


An international contemporary dance platform created in 2005 with the aim of promoting contemporary dance and professionalizing young choreographers.

In 2009 and in a more structured way, the platform took on a new form, restructured its approach and expanded its area of activity. It was at this time that it gained the name KINANI and became a platform for cultural production, artistic training in various areas, artistic career management, professionalization of national and international artists, etc.

This year, KINANI celebrates its 10th edition. A celebration preceded by moments of challenges, hope and consistency in its engaging role and promotion of contemporary dance. In fact, thanks to this consistency, today, the platform occupies a prestigious place among major international dance events.

Recognizing its dimension in the international arts panorama, KINANI in this edition will have the opportunity to host the largest contemporary dance platform on the continent, Biennale de la Danse en Afrique. A distinction that not only elevates the platform but also places Mozambique on the international arts map.

KINANI is a word that resonates with passion, movement and expression. It evokes the contagious energy of contemporary dance, transporting us to a universe where bodies come to life, communicating stories and emotions in unique ways.

Literally means “Dance Ai”. With this shout and lively spirit, the platform grows every day and challenges itself to give the best of dance to Mozambique and the world.