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Contenu Vide

“I’m looking for the experience of a confrontation with matter, the experience of rhythm, balance, form, space and emptiness too.

I’m looking for something organic, a present moment where unity is created, so that there is finally no longer any barrier between the living and the non-living”.

Lassina KONE.

Opening up to the world, refocusing our gaze.

“Contenu vide” hides no lyrical meaning and carries no moral value.

“Contenu vide” leaves the spectator free to create their own path through the choreography and associate their own story with it.

Technical Sheet

Choreography, scenography and interpretation
Lassina Koné
Artistic advice
Welcome Bazié
Musical creation
Rui Owanda
  • Mali


Lassina Kaní is a choreographer and artistic director of Don Sen Folo (Mali), working in the creation and transmission of choreographic writing in common spaces (public spaces) in Africa. “For me what is important is the process, what invites dance in itself, it is an experience which builds the human and which gives birth to dance. » With his Master Karim Togola, the meetings in Mali, where he was introduced to traditional dance and awareness theater, which opened the way for him.

With the École des Sables in Senegal, during his training, which taught him anchoring and transmission. With his community, in the Kalaban Coro district (Bamako) where he built his first center, then later, in Bancoumana where the Don Sen Folo - LAB was born and the desire to offer a place to artists dedicated to residency and transmission, with the objective of providing access to culture to friends, neighbors and people. This vision pushes him to imagine in 2022 a place of residence, a floating stage which sets out to meet populations across the entire stretch of the Niger River in Mali.

Thus was born the “Pirogue du Zémé”, which also marked the birth of the Founou Founou federation with its long-time friends.

During these meetings, experiences of choreographic writing in common spaces (public spaces) multiply, from Bamako to Timbuktu, via Lomé or even Kassel during Documenta 15.

Executor projects: COMUM, Orobroy, Stop! (1st premiere of the Danse l’Afrique Danse festival 2010), Smile If You Can, Fighting room, Convoy, Paradise is not in the sky! e Theka. These pieces are presented in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, South Korea, Mozambique, South Africa, Senegal, Mali, etc.

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