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For this new creation, Déplacés, Stephen Bongarçon brings to the stage the story and voices of the Chagos people, driven to the Seychelles and Mauritius in 1972 by the British army.

The archipelago, located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, was the last British colony in dispute for almost 50 years.

Inspired by this struggle, the choreographer aims to restore the human dimension to this people.

He uses dance to speak to us of the uprooting of bodies, of the need to return to one’s native soil.

Déplacés is a work that expresses the desire to restore dignity to this exiled people: the right to return to live on their native islands.

Technical Sheet

Stephen Bongarçon
Nomenjanahary Todihasina Randriamanantena “Rayhas”
Anne-Sophie Payet, Nilegio Cossa
Light Manager
  • Mauritius


Stephen Bongarçon is a choreographer and founder of the SAGAM festival in Mauritius. In turn, apprentice dancer, choreographer, trainer, producer, in 1995 he founded the Company and the SR Dance school, based on the SAGAM dance style that he personally developed: a mixture of contemporary dance, Kathak (dance traditional from North India) and Mauritian Séga. At a very young age, he saw dance as an outlet. A style which has earned him regular invitations to the international scene, as part of tours or times of sharing and transmission around his unique technique.


Stephen Bongarçon began Hip Hop dancing in the street, he then practiced traditional Sega in the family circle before training in classical Indian dance, Bharata natyam in the south of India for 2 years. There he discovered the traditional narrative dance, Khatak, which became the cornerstone of his personal writing. Following his meeting with Anne-Marie Porass and on her advice, he directed his learning towards contemporary dance, thus refining his technical mastery and his knowledge of the body.

From 1995, he followed courses in multiple worlds: ODISSI in India, Chinese dance at the Chinese Cultural Center, Kathak, Baratha natyam in Mauritius. In 2002, he received a state diploma in the field of educational circus following an advanced training course with Tanguet and Joubineaux at the French Cultural Center in Mauritius. In 2010, he followed international choreographic training “La Chrysalide”, at the École des Sables in Senegal and in Kenya in 2011. In 2013, he participated in the “Écume” exchange and training program in Reunion.

His work is broadcast as part of international events such as the opening of FIFA and the commemoration of the abolition of slavery in Mauritius in 2015 and is the subject of several international tours in China (1999), in Germany (2001), Monptellier (2005 and 2006), Turkey (2014), Madagascar (2016) and Reunion (2017 and 2021).


Crossed from his beginnings by several styles of dance which nourish his practice, Stephen Bongarçon obtains the title of Champion of Mauritius of Disco (1990), that of Best choreographer and Best performing group of Mauritius awarded by the Mauritian Ministry of Arts and Culture . He also received the Gold Medal at the Francophonie Games in Beirut (2009), the Gold Medal at the Réunion / France Ethnic Dance competition and obtained the title of “President Award” awarded by the President of the Republic of Mauritius , in recognition of his local and international artistic actions in 2010.

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