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A point of detour in the history of a people, that of the defeat of the Amazigh queen DIHYA in her battle against the Umayyad invasion after 5 years of resistance.

A battle which subsequently marked the end of an era where a matriarchal system reigned to give way to the Arab-Muslim patriarchy.

System which still persists fourteen centuries later, and within which I received biased indoctrination and learned a falsified history.

Through this piece which evokes power, sacrifice, freedom and love, I imagine different realities, those where DIHYA could have written other scenarios.

Technical Sheet

Choreography & Music
Mohamed Lamqayssi
Chourouk El Mahati
Choreography assistance
Angela Vanoni
Outside view
Taoufiq Izeddiou
Ivan Mathis
  • Morocco


Choreographer, video maker and composer. He began his training in contemporary dance in 2011 within the Anania Company of Taoufiq Izeddiou in Marrakech. After several internships and residencies in Morocco, Europe and the Middle East, he achieved the first stage of his professional career with the solo “NAFAS” in 2015 which he developed in 2018 in collaboration with the writer and visual artist Hanne Van Dyck . Afterwards, he co-choreographed the trio “Jour D” with Chourouk El Mahati and Moad Haddadi.

As a performer Mohamed appeared in the plays: “If the sun” by Compagnie Mintala, “8” by Radouan Mrizigua, “Borderline” and “Hmadcha” by Taoufiq Izeddiou, “Akzak”, “Zak Rythmik” and “ Tout Moun” by Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux.

In 2022, Mohamed will join Angela Vanoni as artistic director of AdVance.

Other Performances