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Fake N.E.W.S

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The Fake N.E.W.S framework focuses on the contemporary South African socio-political and cultural context, aiming to process these aspects of media politics as well as incorporating a critique of the emergent predominance of virtual presence that has characterized the new pandemic normal. An overhead camera and projection translates seemingly chaotic on-stage contortions into a mediated world with its own absurd physics, mirroring how media and information technologies create and package a seductive world of sense from the chaos of everyday life.

The machinations of propaganda are playfully deconstructed with physical performance veering into animation.

The digital technology is exposed as an integral performative component. Lines are blurred between body and screen, reality and mediated image.

The power dynamic between live body and screen image is complicated by projection on the body, where the image is literally carried by and contained in the body.


Technical Sheet

Creator and choreographer
Nelisiwe Xaba
Carolina Cossa, Felizarda Pedro, Nair Noronha
  • South Africa


Nelisiwe Xaba is a performing artist and choreographer who is based in Johannesburg. Xaba began her solo career as a dancer in 2004. She received a scholarship to study at the Johannesburg Dance Foundation, as well as the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London.

Before launching her solo career, Xaba worked with Pact Dance Company and Free Flight Dance Company. She has been involved in many projects and collaborated with various choreographers and artists. Her solo works and collaborations, including Plasticization, They Look At Me and That’s All They Think, Sakhozi Says “Non” to the Venus, Correspondances, (a collaboration with Kettly Noel) Black!...White?, Uncles & Angels and Fremde Tanz have toured extensively in South Africa and internationally.

Xaba participated in the 2013 Venice Biennale at the South African pavillion, performing adaptations from The Venus. She was awarded the FNB Art Prize for the Uncles & Angels film created with Mocke J van Veuren that same year. In 2016, she created Urban Mermaid for the 50th anniversary of the Goodman Gallery and also performed the piece at the Berliner Festspiele. In 2017, Xaba created Bang Bang Wo, a solo performance that interrogates the politics of 'help.' The piece was funded by the South African National Arts Council and premiered at The Centre For The Less Good Idea.

In 2019, she collaborated with Swiss dancer/choreographer Marie-Caroline Hominal on a duet titled Hominal/Xaba, followed by the sound installation, Nzinga, created for the 2020 Virtual National Arts Festival in Makhanda. In collaboration with Mocke J van Veuren, Xaba initiated Fake News, a dance project that employs live video projection to engage young students or professionals in dance from academic and non-academic institutions. Fake News encourages both the audience and participants to consider and question the idea of perceived truth.

Xaba launched a live performance platform titled InfluenZart; a live art, video and sound installation that was first showcased at Carfax, on the 2nd of September 2022. Nelisiwe was the recipient of the prestigious Villa Albertine residency program, and her research took place at the Met Museum, New York, in April 2023.

Her current project vRot —vRot" means "rot"—is a  dance piece that incorporates textile, video and sound through Live ASMR. The piece is a microscopic analysis of social decay and the process of moulding which mirrors the state of rot in our society.

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