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With this sudden appearance of boxes in our lives.

Our home first of all has become a box, a carefully sealed box, yet constantly connected to the flow of anxiety-provoking information from the outside world.

Refuge, space of withdrawal, of digestion, it has also become an observation post towards an irremediably contaminated outside.

Boxes appeared on the thresholds of our homes.

Delivered by strangers in helmets, they were handled with care, opening onto goods, essential or not, it depends, undeniable proof in any case that things were happening outside, that the outside world continued to produce, prepare, manufacture.


Technical Sheet

Artistic direction & interpretation
Daouda Keita
Scenography and lighting
Beatriz Kaysel
Lucas Nicot
Daouda Keita
Arthur Eskenazi
  • Mali


Artistic direction, interpretation

Born in 1984 in a fishing village in Mali, Daouda decided and Métiers Multi Média (CAMM) Balla Fasséke Kouyaté in Bamako in the dance section in 2009. Mali at the Festival Dense Bamako Danse, then in Tunis and Gothenburg. In 2014, Daouda won the Visa program for creation from the French Institute for his solo Moi, Daouda Keita?, in conjunction with the Briqueterie / CDC du Val-de-Marne. In 2016-2017, he created Kuma Ka Ca with Adiara Traoré.

The same year, he founded his own company in Bamako, Famu Danse, Understanding Dance, in Bambara. Through it, he created and implemented research, training and creation projects around the exceptional abilities of hearing impaired people in terms of movement and expression such as Parole de Corps, Plastik ToxiK Partout and From Dance to Dance. tolerance. Daouda Keita is also a founding member of the Malian artists’ cooperative Le fil.

Performer, Daouda Keita worked with Alexandra Pirici (Aggregate, 2019) with whom he should present a new project in 2022 at the Venice Biennale. Among other collaborations, we note Getanztes Gluck in 2019 with Melanie Alexander for the Tanzhaus Zürich. In 2020, he is one of the 5 performers of L'Homme rare by Nadia Beugré, the piece has since been shown in France (Montpellier danse, Festival d'Automne à Paris, Points communes...), in Germany (Spielart Munich), Portugal (Alkantara Festival), Norway (BIT Teatergarajsen Bergen and Stavanger) and Belgium (Vooruit Ghent, Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels).

Daouda is currently working on her next solo Ficksion, which benefited from the Résidanses 2021 program of the French Institute Paris.

Other Performances