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Human: Life In A Rapidly Changing World

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Is a multimedia performance containing dance, film projection, Motion graphics and music.

Set in an artificial imitation of the reality of the world, HUMAN: Life in a rapidly changing world is a reflection of humanity’s struggles against climate change, conflict and unprecedented societal changes.

It is a tale set on three young men living in a village, where their community is facing a humanitarian crisis caused by food and water shortages, diseases, and drought.

At the same time, the world around them is experiencing a rise in the use of technology and industrialization that has led to other various calamities like air pollution, epidemics, and conflicts which in turn have triggered migration and human trafficking.

Technical Sheet

Concept and direction
Samwel Japhet
Choreography and performance
UlonziShabani, Tadhi Alawi e Samwel Japhet
Music Composition
Shabani Mugado
Motion Graphics
Shadrack Maluli
  • Tanzania


Samwel Japhet is a Tanzanian dance artist, choreographer and social entrepreneur and uses dance as artistic expression for story-telling. Samwel has always been fascinated with human relationships and human relation to the world. In his works he reflects on social issues and human experiences and creating a space for reflection, awareness and discussion. 2021 Prince Claus Seed Award Recipient from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development. Co-managing UMOJA a multi-disciplinary artistic residency program intends to open up cultural dialogue between East African and European artists, as well as to promote gender balance and social cohesion through the arts in Tanzania. Graduated from the MUDA Africa Dance School in Tanzania. In 2015, he co-founded a Tanzanian based non-profit dance company (Nantea Dance Company).

The company provides multifaceted performances and community-based projects through dance; promoting and developing contemporary dance scene in Tanzania, where he has been co-initiating projects and co-curating a bi-annual contemporary dance festival in Dar es Salaam, as a platform for young Tanzanian dance artists. Samwel has intensively been touring and working internationally: in The Netherlands, South Korea, France, Ethiopia, Latvia, USA, Mozambique, Belgium, South Africa, Sweden, UK, Burkina Faso, Germany, Portugal, Rwanda, Russia, Uganda and Kenya.

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