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It’s In my head

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“It’s in my head” is a solo dance piece or conception that mainly explores the space of when.

Something used to be and no longer is, as a result of several factors or challenges.

It could be a mental.

State that one struggles with because there has been an interruption in a certain trajectory of one’s life.

Until something unpleasant happens and cuts one off that path to a space of Brokenness.

Technical Sheet

Dancer & Choreographer
Aiyegbeni Deborah
  • Nigeria


Aiyegbeni Deborah Faith is a performing and movement artist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

She first took to the stage with Preere Yibowei of Nitch entertainment before joining the Qdance Center founded by Qudus Onikeku with whom she toured France, Berlin, Cameroon, Tanzania, Mali, Serbia and the Netherlands.

She has also worked with renowned choreographers and curators both locally and internationally with the likes of Onye Ozuzu (U.S.A), Sebastian Mattias(Germany), Dayo Liadi (Nigeria), Moya Micheals (South Africa/ Belgium) just to mention a few.

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