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L’opera Du Villageois

In the villager’s opera, Zora Snake opens a space for dialogue between the bodies and the works of art exhibited in our museums today at the interstice of the imagination.

For him, it is a way to rethink our relationships with museums and our links with works of art both in Europe and in Africa.

Doing artistic work that crosses the debate of restitutions, damages, memories, repairs, restorations and returns of works perceived in our museum collections as “art objects” or even a trace of lost and fantasized civilizations.

The choreographer, dancer and performer proposes to return the perception we have of these objects to museums to reactivate their heritage character linked to ancestral legacies inhabited by his works treated as “art collection objects”, more precisely the masks and statuettes in the form of “object-subjects”, inhabited by the forces and powers of those who designed it and who must return to their original land.

Technical Sheet

Design and setting
Zora Snake
Choreographer, Performer
Zora Snake
Music / Live flute
Maddly Mendy Sylva
Sound audio
Débats, textes et discussions politiques (Bénédicte Savoy, Felwine Sarr, Emmanuel Macron...)
Aimé Césaire, Title: Poem to Africa / Voice: Carolyne Cannella
  • Cameroon


Dancer, choreographer and performing artist from the roots of Hip-hop, Zora Snake is one of the most promising creators on the continent. Through his remarkable journey as a Hip-Hop dancer, he invents an artistic language from his original lands (Sonkeng, Dschang) in Cameroon. Originally from Bamendou, in the west of Cameroon, his native village, he is also the founder of his company which bears his stage name and of the international Modaperf festival in Cameroon.

His vocabulary borders on the living arts, inspired by humanity, travels to different spaces at the same time Public, Museums, Theaters, Institutions and urban spaces where he puts himself in a situation to explode the space and question our become. It was forged by the street which is its anchor. Invited in 2014 to the École des Sables, then to Congo-Brazzaville and Burkina Faso in 2016 where he met the Ateliers Frappaz in Villeurbanne and the Sens Interdicts festivals, Liège festivals, the Plage des Six Pompes... his performative works inventive, imagined, daring, transgressive, political, poetic and ritual which are built most of the time in his village, today travel the borders of Africa, Europe and the world. Zora Snake presented a performance at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart in 2017 as part of the symposium “Who is Afrika?” ".

Author and choreographer of several artistic works, notably in dance/performance, he is the winner of several choreographic prizes, Zora Snake is also a creative performer in the latest creation by Serge Aimé Coulibaly. Recently invited to Africologne (Rautenstrauch – Joest –Museum-Kulturen Der Welt), the international city of arts, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the Château de Versailles (royal opera), the Dijon and Nancy opera for performances and professional meetings. In writing residency at the Camargo foundation in Cassis 2022 for his very first book on Performance in Cameroon.

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