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Out Of This World

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The form I am proposing is an incubation space for the cultures to come, a space where we could further ask our public questions that aren’t simply thinking of our audiences as transactional bodies, but as conduits for whatever social vision or utopic future we want to make together.

To engage our partner institutions as incubators, for the nurturing of cultural production and promoting the progress of art in a dying world.

And maybe more pertinently, what is the point of culture at this time, if cultural institution are not asking these kinds of questions along with the artists and their audience?

Of what good is a theater or a museum if it is only a citadel for prefabricated cultures that have attained their limits.

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Qudus Onikeku
Hajarat Alli
Ibukun Sunday Oladipupo; Benjamin Lamar Gay; Michel Abdallah; Alibeta
  • Nigeria


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