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Sinais particulares

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When you are a young, African woman, you always carry a particular burden, which you carry with you for the rest of your life. Visible, sometimes invisible. When you are a girl and an African, you carry the pain of the world. Unforgettable. Indelible. Ineffable. Private signs just don’t see them if you don’t want to, because they are marked on the body. She has barely noticed the different things on her body yet but the others have already decided that there are already things that need to be cut from her. Mutilated. The knife? The blade? What kind of edge does it matter if they all cut off the right to speech. To the thought. And they leave the door of fear wide open. From hesitation.

No girl wants to be a victim. Nor vulnerable. So fight.

Sinais Particulares was premiered in Maputo, on September 22, 2023, at CCFM. It was then presented at the International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival Stuttgart – 2023, where it received three awards (choreography and audience choices). The jury said that “Mai-Júli Machado’s choreography was courageous, shocking, strong, powerful, visceral and committed. It showed vulnerability and good use of the five senses.”

  • Mozambique


May - Júli Machado Nhapulo, started dancing as a professional in 2012, at the Matola Municipal Song and Traditional Dance Company, then began training in sports and classical dance techniques at the Mozambique Sports Dance Athletes Association.

In 2016, she began training in contemporary dance techniques at Casa da Cultora in Maputo, at Compahia Culturarte with choreographer Panaibra Canda.

Between 2021/22 he worked as a performer in choreographer Idio Chichava's plays Sentido Único and Vagabundos in (Austria, Netherlands, Bulgaria). In 2021, he participated in an artistic residency in Portugal-Lisbon called Itinerários.

In 2022, he benefited from the “DanceWeb” contemporary dance scholarship within the scope of the Impulstanz festival, in Austria. Later that year, his first dance piece was selected and financed by the French Institute to develop and present the final result this year at the Kinani Festival.

In 2021/23 he participated in several workshops with national and international artists such as: Horácio Macuacua, Domingos Bie, Idio Chichava, Panaibra Canda, David Zambrano, Wim Vandekeybys, Alleyne Dance, Mathilde Monier, Marta Coronado, Janeth Mulapha, Pak Ndjamena among others artistic. In 2023, he participated in an exchange program between P.A.R.T.S masters students and 10 African dancers at the Ecole des Sables (Senegal).

Still in 2023, she won 3 awards in the international Solotanz Teather competition, which takes place annually in Germany “Stuggarth”. In the same year he had a one-month internship at the Centro National de la danse Contemporânea in France-Angers; and participated in the recent play by French choreographer Mathilde Monnier entitled Black Lights, which is scheduled to tour in several European countries for the year 2023/24. She was also selected to represent Mozambique in the contemporary dance competition taking place in Burkina Faso in December this year.

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