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Inspired by the poem “SURGE ET AMBULA” by Rui de Noronha.

The play portrays social issues, focusing on the “MILITARY CONFLICT in CABO DELGADO” the financial default on the “HIDDEN DEBTS” without leaving aside the financial crisis caused by the “COVID 19” pandemic, thereby calling on Mozambican society to wake up from Sleepwalking, reinvent itself and resolve the circumstances that impoverish our Mozambique.

And not only, to the African continent, which has been victimized and victimized itself, when it leaves aside its immense and mysterious habits.

Technical Sheet

Conception and Creation
José Jalane
Choreography and Interpretation
José Jalane
  • Mozambique


José Jalane, born in Maputo, is a dancer, choreographer, capoeirista, physical educator and fitness teacher. Yoga. He learned ballet, traditional and contemporary dance with national and international players such as Mário Paulo Cardoso (Canada), Fernanda Scheidegger (Brazil), Lulu Sala (Mozambique), Pérola Jaime (Mozambique) and worked with the Companhia Nacional de Canto and Dance in 2011 and 2015. Since 2016 he has been part of Companhia CulturArte under the direction of Panaibra Gabriel. Presented performances on the international Contemporary Dance platform KINANI in 2019 and 2021 and has participated in international festivals in Germany, France, Reunion Island, Barcelona, Portugal, India among others.

Other Performances