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The Black Circus

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The Black Circus of the Republic of Bantu’ exposes the violent and shameful legacy of ethnological expositions (such as human zoos and exhibitions), that were popular in Western society between the 1870s and 1960s. Through this live offering, Khoza will investigate the effect of the imperial and colonial gaze on Black bodies, how it sits within Black bodies today, and how it might be remedied.

Examining the ongoing pain of historical and continuing racism, Khoza creates a space for collective healing and an opportunity for dignity to be reclaimed.

Technical Sheet

Creator and Performer
Albert Ibokwe Khoza
Producer Director
Princess Mhlongo
Stage Manager
Miranda Mogodla
  • South Africa


Albert Ibokwe Khoza is an internationally acclaimed award-winning performance artist who continuously reveals and projects a state of mind of a loner individual who is a non-binary womanly man and a Sangoma (traditional healer). Through Ibokwe's sexuality and traditional practice, Ibokwe expresses Ibokwe thoughts by moving between different artistic mediums to outline social ills and what Ibokwe's divergent nature sees and interprets about the world Ibokwe lives in, critically questioning Ibokwe's surroundings, Ibokwe's leaders and life itself.

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