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The “Vertige” project was born from the results of the meeting and virtual collaboration between the two artists within the framework of the 3rd international dance symposium, organized by CuturArte Mozambique, in partnership with CCFM and with the support of Prohelvetia.

The artists held their first meeting and practical residency for the development of choreographic materials in May 2022, thanks to the support of the French Institute of Paris as part of the “Residenses 21” call for applications, a residency organized in Maputo by the CCFM and collaboration with CulturArte, a stage which ended with a public exhibition.

  • Mozambique
  • Madagascar


Carolina Manuel is a professional acrobat and dancer. She started with the expression body in certain tradi&onal dance groups in Maputo, in 2017, she benefited from a Mozambique- Norway art exchange scholarship organized by the MoNo Associa&on, in Norway, she was part of intercultural communica&on and youth leadership - FK Youth Camp Noruega, in 2018 she studied and improved circus and dance techniques at the Kultursholen Fredrikstad School Norway where she trained in circus and acrobatics (also trained as a teacher, class assistant and performing artist). circus), and also followed training in ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip hop dancer. Since 2019, she has been an ar&st associated with CulturArte, where she participated in the training in contemporary dance and the ar&s&c creation residency RIR-PALOP - Network of ar&s&c residencies in PALOP (Portuguese-speaking African countries), she also participated in the ar&s&c residency program regional exchange in the field of living art - Kanda Yetu 2019/20. At CulturArte, she also participated in the remounting of the performance "Ponto de Intersecção" by Panaibra Gabriel Canda presented in Mozambique and Mali between 2019 and 2020. In 2020, she participated in the project "Once upon a time: a story with" Princesa Cenoura”, where she plays the role of the main character “Princesa Cenoura” (Princess Carrot), a dance show and aerial acrobatics and storytelling project for children and young people, produced by Panaibra Canda. In 2021, she is one of the participants of the Africa in the circus project, and is part of the ongoing creation “young Africans of the 100% Female Pan-African Cabaret” in partnership with Le prato (LiLi-France) and Fekat Circus (Addis Ababa - Ethiopia)

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