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“VONVONLI” means in the Ewe language of Togo, “fear exists” or “the shadow”, as if fear was only our own shadow that we had to tame.

“VONVONLI” explores fear in its different dimensions, both psychological and symbolic, embodied on stage by an immense wall of clothing accumulated like so many layers, layers of skin, to mask our traumas and thwart our emotions.

“VONVONLI” addresses the fears and anxieties that arise from contexts of uncertainty within our societies and our families.

It also questions the individual’s capacity for change and adaptation in the face of fear.

Technical Sheet

Artistic direction
Outside view
Nadia BEUGRE / Andreya OUAMBA
Light creation
Sound Creation
Comlanvi Adjamla IVALMOK
  • Togo


Born into an animist family, my first contacts with dance took place during Vodou ceremonies and rituals where rhythms, songs and traditional dances intermingle. At a very young age, I joined the traditional dance company “GBENODOU” where I developed a solid foundation in traditional Togolese dance.

After the baccalaureate in 2009, I joined the faculty of Sociology at the University of Lomé where I rubbed shoulders with the Togolese artistic community of various expressions; performances, visual arts and traditional dance within the UNESCO student club of the University of Lomé.

I am intensifying my training by participating in several courses with: Kossi AHOLOU-WOKAWUI, Germaine ACOGNY, Patrick ACOGNY, Bienvenue BAZIE, Bintou DEMBELE, Lila GREENE, Nora CHIPOMIRE, Serge Aimé COULIBALY, Salia SANOU... In 2016 I obtained certificates in “Dance” from the Ecole des Sables traditional and contemporary African" and in "Art of teaching dance ".

In 2018, I participated in the “Fari Foni Waati” laboratory & Festival in Mali and danced as a performer in the piece “Ancestrality & afro futurism” by Bintou DEMBELE. In 2019, I was invited to further research my piece “Entre ciel et terre”, at the National Choreographic Center of Roubaix (Ballet du Nord). Since this residency I have become a companion of the CCN of Roubaix where I lead ERDs, workshops and courses for professionals and students of the Superior School of Dance and Music (ESMD) of Roubaix. In 2021, I created the piece “Vonvonli”, winner of the “Résidance” program of the French Institute of Paris.

At the same time, in 2015, I created the SOL'ŒIL d'AFRIK association of which I am the artistic director and develop several projects: creations, professional training, artistic projects for the populations.

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