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Here are the bodies, peculiar bodies, defined or not by their life trajectory, bodies of revolutionary women just women- countless experiences tainted by hegemony.

Their beliefs, age, religion and identities incubate freedom through dance like a spider web as a metaphor for female transgression.

This time the bodies dance their voices, the voices that claim freedom through resilience, the female figure that does not bother to fit into esthetics, they seek their expression far from rigidity, an expression of a whole lifespan.

Technical Sheet

Direction and choreography
Janeth Mulapha
Dancers and Creators
Francisca Mirine, Mai Juli Machado, Nicolette Bila, Stela Matsombe, Victoria Wales
Technical and light direction
Caldino Perema
Mussorgsky Night on Bald Mountai, FU of Siderugia
Sara Machado, Yolanda Thomas
  • Mozambique


Black woman, dancer, performer, and choreographer, based in Maputo, Mozambique.

She trained as part of the Danças Na Cidade programme in Maputo, conducted by Gabriel Panaibra Canda. She participated in the pieces Orobrtoy, Stop! And Smile if you can! by cie. Horacio Macuacua, Hâ mais by Thomas Hauert and 25 by cie. Kubilai Khan investigations. In 2014 she directed the quintet called Five Sense Organs. It is especially through her solo work that she is exploring her position as an African woman artist. In 2014, she initiated her project O Meu genero mora aqui, a coproduction with Studios Kabako.

Since then, she has presented diferent versions in Maputo, in Tchad and in Paris. Her solo Let’s talk, created with Mozambican musician Ben Muthemba, has been shown at Theaterformen in Braunschweig, as well as in Le Grand T in Nantes (France). In 2020, Janeth was invited as guest choreographer at the Fari Foni Waati festival in Bamako. She has also been regularly working with dancers with disabilities.

As a performer she has worked with Panaibra Canda (Mozambique), Thomas Hauert(Switzerland) and Kubilai Khan Investigations (France), among others.

Other Performances